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Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Sends Gifts to War Veterans on V-Day

Amid the endless joy and emotion of celebrating the V-Day, the high honor and pride of our great state, as a grand auspicious event of all the people, the great honor and glory of the war veterans who are the masters of the legendary, heroic era are shining more brilliantly.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who respects and takes good care of the victorious wartime generation, the first defenders of the DPRK, as the precious forerunners of the revolution who made immortal contributions to the country and posterity and as the grateful benefactors and genuine teachers to be praised and followed for all ages, sent significant gifts to the war veterans across the country on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the  victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War.

Saying that the war veterans in good health are a great strength to our Party and people and a great encouragement to our revolution, he has injected vitality into their life with his warm love and continued to bestow favors on them to ensure that they lead a dignified life as the veterans of the great power, full of energy despite their advanced ages. Indeed, his ardent sincerity is endless.

The gifts associated with his benevolence were courteously conveyed to the war veterans across the country amid the great emotion of all the people.

The war veterans extended their deep thanks to Kim Jong Un, expressing deep emotion over his continued great favors.

Carried in every gift is the trust and expectation of the great father hoping that the victorious wartime generation with their eternal spirit and vigor displayed in the wartime will stir up the loyalty and passion of the ranks of successors advancing toward a new victory of the revolution.

All the war veterans were full of enthusiasm to glorify their whole life as the educators who more deeply implant the tradition of victory and the noble soul of the great years into the hearts of the younger generation in the ongoing sacred struggle to hasten the overall development of Korean-style socialism under the leadership of the Party. 

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