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An Empty Haversack and a Bulging Haversack

What has been raised in the army-people relations is the matter the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un always pays attention to in the work of the Korean People’s Army.

When he visited the city of Rason on October 7, Juche 104 (2015), he asked the commanding officers of the People’s Army whether there had been any problem in the army-people relations during the period of rehabilitation after flooding.

Shortly ago, he inspected the flood-hit areas of Rason and stressed that the service personnel should not commit any undisciplined practices or give rise to the slightest issues in the army-people relations.

An officer proudly said that all the service personnel had been awakened as education had been intensified among them true to the instructions he had given when he visited the place last time, and now they were making positive efforts to bring the army-people relations into full bloom.

At that time, a senior official of the city of Rason told Kim Jong Un with tears in his eyes that the local people had provided various aid materials to the service personnel who were waging the campaign day and night, but they set up “special checkpoints” and refused to receive those materials.

Looking at the official, Kim Jong Un wore a bright smile.

Then he said meaningfully that when they return to their units, they should not put burden to bear upon the people, adding that if they left with bulging haversacks, they were not soldiers of the army of the people.

When the soldiers were leaving after the rehabilitation campaign was over, there were only empty haversacks on their backs.

But they were full of determination to add lustre to the honour of the army of the people at any time and in any place as intended by their Supreme Commander.

Om Yong Chol

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