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Changed Goal of 200-day Campaign

One day in early September Juche 105 (2016) when a 200-day campaign was at its height, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un called senior officials of the Party Central Committee and told them that the recent downpours accompanied by powerful gales unprecedented in the history of meteorological observation in North Hamgyong Province had caused heavy damage in several cities and counties in the province and that it was a big calamity.

After a while, he continued to say that the goal of the 200-day campaign had to be changed owing to the current unexpected natural disaster.

As the officials were puzzled, he said that many people had lost their homes in the flooding, that it was of no significance to wind up the campaign without addressing the issue, and that the main thrust of the campaign should be changed to the rehabilitation project.

Saying that there was no serious emergency than the pains of the people and no important revolutionary work than alleviating their misfortune, Kim Jong Un took the measure of setting the main thrust of the 200-day campaign as rehabilitation of the flood-stricken areas in the northern part of the country. Thanks to his ennobling intention and love, the gigantic project was carried out successfully in a short span of time by the concerted efforts of the army and people, presenting a miraculous reality.

Om Yong Chol

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