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Comprehensive Art Festival Characterized by Various Types and Kinds

Many events held around the world are called festivals. However, none of them is comparable to the April Spring Friendship Art Festival in view of its comprehensiveness that covers various kinds and types of art, including vocal, instrumental, dance, and even acrobatic and magic works with progressive contents.

Noteworthy for the current festival is that an unprecedentedly great number of acrobatic troupes participated and world-renowned symphony orchestras prepared their entries of European classical music with sincere efforts.

Russian acrobats’ underwater feats unfold amazing scenes by ensuring a good ensemble of remarkable skills and a great harmony of illuminations and music. Mongolian acrobats’ two-men feats arouse great admiration for their superb skills that go way beyond one’s imagination. Also attracting the audiences is the stage of famous magicians who display refined and seasoned tricks.

Russia’s famous St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra exerted unsparing efforts to render in a fresh way the Symphony No. 5 by Tchaikovsky, a composer representing the 19th century music of Russia, while the Geneva HEM Symphonic Orchestra rendered in an excellent way the opera songs, piano works and symphonies by Mozart, Schumann and Mendelssohn.

Indeed, the April Spring Friendship Art Festival is a global festival, both in name and in reality.

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