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A Haunt of Women

The Korea March 8 Trading Company in Tongdaewon District, Pyongyang, gives a comprehensive service conducive to improving the cultural and emotional standards of women.

It gives a one-month technical course in different methods needed for family and social life of women. The subjects of the course are computer, hairdressing, facial, cooking, fitness training, musical instruments playing and so on.

The company has training rooms for the course, and teachers of high degree teach the subjects. The teachers also go to different units in the city to give mobile lectures and transfer techniques. 

The first course was held in May Juche 98 (2009). The applicants were over 700 that year, but now the number is growing annually. From that time on the company has made an active contribution to cultural and emotional education of women. 

It also has welfare service facilities for women, and it is always crowded with learners and customers.

Hyon Un Suk, CEO of the company, says, “Among the women learners attending the course are not only university students but also women officials and housewives. Seeing them happy after receiving the course is just our joy and happiness. So, all workers in my company are putting their heart and soul to their work.” 

Her words are a reflection of the mind of the company’s officials and workers, who are making efforts to improve the cultural and emotional standards of the women.


Article and photos by staff reporter


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