Executive Meeting of SPA Standing Committee Held

An executive meeting of the Standing Committee of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly took place on Nov. 15.

The meeting deliberated on amendments to the Law on Welfare Service, the Law on Auditing, the Law on the Disposal of Wastes, the Law on the Prevention of Disaster by Earthquake and Volcano and the Rescue of Victims, and the Law on Emergency Anti-epidemic Work before adopting relevant decrees.

The Law on Welfare Service further detailed the contents on parts of the organizing and operation of welfare service amenities, the training and appointing of experts, technicians and skilled workers in the welfare service field, the application for a business license and modification of service kinds, and sanctions against violation of the law, in order to positively contribute to ensuring the living convenience of the people and protecting and promoting their health.

The ideas on correctly analyzing and assessing the accounting of institutions, enterprises and organizations, improving the auditing procedures and methods and tightening the system and order in discharge, storage, transport and disposal of wastes were supplemented to the Law on Auditing and the Law on the Disposal of Wastes to contribute to establishing the state financial discipline and preventing environmental pollution.

The Law on the Prevention of Disaster by Earthquake and Volcano and the Rescue of Victims has additional relevant regulations for conducting the disaster prevention and the rescue of victims in a planned and effective way and tightening the legal control. The Law on Emergency Anti-epidemic Work deals with the additional important issues for rapidly and actively responding to an epidemic crisis and strengthening the material and technical foundation of the anti-epidemic and public health sectors. 

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